MHIR welcomes visiting students and scholars from around the world.

MHIR faculty scientists host students and scholars from around the world to collaborate on research projects. Interested students and scholars connect first with a faculty mentor from one of our Research Centers, and if a suitable collaboration is identified, the student or scholar will be connected with an organization that specializes in visa sponsorship for research students and scholars.   

Please contact contact us for more information.

Meet one of our Visiting Scholars:

Yosta Vegting, Visiting Scholar – Rosen Lab

Yosta is a medical student from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  She came to MHIR in 2018 participate in research collaboration before graduating.  Yosta is in the Rosen Lab doing research on a newly discovered hormone, called irisin. Irisin is made by muscles when exercising and could help to build our knowledge regarding why exercising is healthy.  Yosta is looking forward to using the research techniques learned at MHIR to pursue her PhD.