Zhaofei Wu, PhD

Staff Scientist


BS: Shandong Normal University
MS: Dalian Medical University
PhD: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

My PhD study focused on mitochondrial pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. We found one mechanism through which superoxide anion can regulate mitochondrial Ca2+, which is a key factor in the mitochondrial pathology of Alzheimer’s disease. We also found that Aβ has toxic effects on the Mitofusins’ expression, which is important in the dynamic function of the mitochondria.

My previous postdoctoral fellow study was in the hypothalamic regulation of the energy balance. We dissected a new GABAergic neural circuit which plays a vital role in promoting feeding behavior. Furthermore, we discovered that hypothalamic pdx1 GABAergic neurons are required for postweaning feeding. It advanced our knowledge about GABAergic neurons in feeding regulation.

My current study is focused on the role of the Type 3 iodothyronine deiodinase(D3) in energy metabolism and body weight regulation. Our major interest is to explore the metabolic effects (including energy expenditure, food intake and body weight et al.) of thyroid hormone overexposure caused by hypothalamic D3 deletion in AGRP and POMC neurons, and to elucidate the underlying mechanisms.

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