Center for Interdisciplinary Population & Health Research

Erika Mayer, PhD, is a Research Data Analyst. Listen to the video to hear Erika talk about one of her projects she’s working on — an eye tracking project to assess ultrasound interpretation.

Elizabeth Scharnetzki, PhD, CIPHR Faculty Scientist, is a new Metabolic COBRE Project Leader. Her project aims to mitigate feelings of stigmatization among patients with type 2 diabetes through use of a self-affirmation intervention.

Listen to the video to hear Dr. Scharnetzki describe this research in detail.

Congratulations to Cara Frankenfeld, PhD, Senior Biostatistician Faculty at MHIR’s Center for Interdisciplinary Population and Health Research, who has received a National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) subaward from the University of Maryland. Cara is a Co-Investigator on the project Gut Microbial Metabolites of Apple Polphenols: Interrogating Individual Differences to Establish Functional Biomarker Utility. Flavonoids are a subgroup of polyphenols and are present in a variety of fruits and other plant foods and are widely accepted to have health benefits, including reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, but individuals respond to these flavonoids differently. Dr. Frankenfeld and her collaborator are researching why this is and are hopeful that their work could lead to designing targeted diets for individuals based on a combination of biomarker status and disease risk.

Isha Agarwal, MD, PhD, CIPHR Faculty Scientist and Metabolic COBRE Project Leader, and Elizabeth Scharnetzki, PhD, CIPHR Faculty Scientist, recently received a MaineHealth Innovation Ignite Fund Award. Their project is entitled: Using Natural Language Processing to Detect Bias in Emergency Department Clinical Notes.