Kevin Stein, PhD, FAPOS

Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Population & Health Research

Dr. Kevin D. Stein is the Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Population Health Research (CIPHR) at the Maine Health Institute for Research (MHIR). In this role, he provides overall scientific leadership and strategic planning for CIPHR, including its 22 full-time employees and 20+ affiliated clinical/scientific investigators.  He is a clinical psychologist, behavioral scientist, and public health executive who has provided direct care to individuals with cancer and led federal and industry-funded research programs, which focus on identifying and addressing patient-centered issues among individuals with chronic disease and informal caregivers. Dr. Stein’s program of research focuses on identifying and addressing factors that affect the quality of life of cancer survivors and developing, implementing, and testing evidence-based interventions to address the psychosocial issues of those affected by cancer.  He also has expertise in population health sciences, health care delivery research, pain and symptom management, health behavior interventions, program development/evaluation, dissemination of evidence-based healthcare solutions, and quality improvement in health care settings.  Learn more about Dr. Stein

Cara Frankenfeld, PhD
Cara Frankenfeld, PhDSr. Biostatistician & Faculty Scientist
Dr. Frankenfeld leads the CIPHR analyst team and also serves as a technical expert and resource with regards to epidemiology, biostatistics, data analytics, research methods and study design. She provides expert consultation and collaboration to other faculty, researchers, staff and internal and external partners. Her expertise is in research design and analysis of complex data, such as microbiome, metabolome, diet, and spatial factors. Learn more about Dr. Frankenfeld
Lisbeth Balligan, MPH
Lisbeth Balligan, MPHResearch Program Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Population & Health Research
Lisbeth Balligan brings over 15 years of experience in research and public health to provide overall programmatic support to investigators and project staff. Most of her work focuses on T4 research including clinical implementation and population health integration of research findings, including dissemination. Learn more about Lisbeth
Andrew Armitage, EdD, MBA
Andrew Armitage, EdD, MBAManager of Operations, Center for Interdisciplinary Population and Health Research
Andrew Armitage oversees daily activities of the department and is responsible for planning and directing budgets, goals and business objectives. He also provides operations management at the Center for Clinical & Translational Science. Learn more about Andrew


Isha Agarwal, MD, PhD
Isha Agarwal, MD, PhDFaculty Scientist
Eric Anderson, PhD
Eric Anderson, PhDFaculty Scientist
James Bohnhoff, MD
James Bohnhoff, MDPhysician Scientist
Ryan Close, MD
Ryan Close, MDPhysician Scientist
 Kathleen Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPH
Kathleen Fairfield, MD, MPH, DrPHPhysician Scientist
Abby Fleisch, MD, MPH
Abby Fleisch, MD, MPHPhysician Scientist
Rebecca Hutchinson, MD, MPH
Rebecca Hutchinson, MD, MPHPhysician Scientist
Neil Korsen, MD, MSc
Neil Korsen, MD, MScPhysician Scientist
Teresa May, DO
Teresa May, DOPhysician Scientist
Susan Miesfeldt, MD
Susan Miesfeldt, MDPhysician Scientist
Grace Price, MD, MPH
Grace Price, MD, MPHPhysician Scientist
Madeleine Puissant, MD, PhD
Madeleine Puissant, MD, PhDPhysician Scientist
Aurora Quaye, MD
Aurora Quaye, MDPhysician Scientist
Jesse Sammon, DO
Jesse Sammon, DOPhysician Scientist
Liz Scharnetzki, PhD
Liz Scharnetzki, PhDFaculty Scientist I
Tania Strout, MS, RN, PhD
Tania Strout, MS, RN, PhDDirector of Research, Maine Medical Center
Kinna Thakarar, DO, MPH
Kinna Thakarar, DO, MPHPhysician Scientist

Visiting Scientists

Kate Ahrens, PhD
Kate Ahrens, PhDVisiting Scientist
David Clark, MD, MS, MPH
David Clark, MD, MS, MPHVisiting Scientist
Katherine Darling, PhD
Katherine Darling, PhDVisiting Scientist
Paul Han, MD, MA, MPH
Paul Han, MD, MA, MPHVisiting Scientist
Qingchu Jin, PhD
Qingchu Jin, PhDVisiting Scientist
Yvonne Jonk, PhD
Yvonne Jonk, PhDVisiting Scientist
Christine Lary, PhD
Christine Lary, PhDVisiting Scientist
Louisa Smith, PhD
Louisa Smith, PhDVisiting Scientist
Chip Reynolds, MD
Chip Reynolds, MDVisiting Scientist
Christian Thomas, MD
Christian Thomas, MDVisiting Scientist
Raimond Winslow, PhD
Raimond Winslow, PhDVisiting Scientist