COBRE in Mesenchymal & Neural
Regulation of Metabolic Networks

Building research excellence in understanding causes of metabolic disease

M-COBRE News, Timeline & Photos


December 6

Field Trip

Field Trip

High school field trip learns about Metabolic COBRE research from Dr. Liaw.

November 9

Clinical Partners & Researchers’ Collaborative Meeting

Guest Presenter:  Damien W. Carter, MD, Surgery

November 2

Year 1 Pilot Project Award

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Anyonya Guntur

Title:  Mitochondrial dysfunction as a mechanism of bone loss in T1D


September 1

Year 1 Pilot Projects Awards

1). Principal Investigator:  Dr. Robert Koza

Title: Characterization of murine models with adipose‐specific transgenic expression of Mest

2). Principal Investigator:   Dr. Calvin Vary

Title:  Discovery of novel diet‐dependent and adipose depot‐specific protein PTMs in PVAT


August 25

COBRE Notice of Award

COBRE Notice of Award

Some of the Metabolic COBRE Grant Team celebrate the 2017 award!

August 17

Northeast Regional IDeA Conference

Northeast Regional IDeA Conference

Presentations from COBRE group members:  Calvin Vary, PhD:  Lipidomics; Aaron Brown, PhD (pictured above left) :  A Novel Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Model of Beige Adipogenesis for Development of Anti-Obesity Therapies;  Michaela Reagan, PhD (pictured above right) : 3D Tissue Engineered  Design of Bone Marrow Adipose Tissue to Investigate the Influence of Myeloma on Adipocytes and Adipogenesis