Psychosis is a different or altered experience of reality.

Stigma can prevent people from getting the help they need.

We offer state-wide services in-person and through Telehealth.

Please join us in celebrating our NEW Community Hope & Resources for Psychosis (CHRp) Program – a stepped care model for those at risk for psychosis.

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At the PIER Program, we think it is best to learn about signs and symptoms of psychosis from those who have lived or are living with it.

Psychosis is a different or altered experience of reality.

The most well-known symptoms are:

Changes in


Changes in


Changes in

mental processing

These changes can impact daily functioning.

Learn how the PIER Program uses a team approach to help young people and their families.

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The PIER Program is part of the Maine Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and MaineHealth Institute for Research.
Funding for PIER comes from the Mental Health Block Grant through the Department of Health and Human Services.