The BioBank, a division of the Center for Applied Science and Technology at MHIR and located at Maine Medical Center, provides human biospecimens with annotated clinical data to the research community.  The goal is to aid in the characterization of disease, improvLogo_CAPe patient therapies, and advance science and personalized medicine.

Excess surgical tissue and other biospecimens that would otherwise be discarded are de-identified, processed, stored, and distributed to research scientists at MMC, MHIR, other academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and commercial specimen repositories.

The BioBank is partnered with Tufts Medical Center’s Biorepository, more information about which can be found on the Tufts website.

Biospecimen Request Form

Investigators may submit a request for samples by completing the form above.

Contact the BioBank at:, for more information.

BioBank Overview Videos

This video was created in collaboration with Dr. Li’s Organizational Behavior class at The University of Southern Maine’s School of Business, April 2021. The student that helped produce this was Chivorn (Donney) Blackett.