We offer complete services for immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry and we develop and provide customized protocols related to histology, histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.

The facility is equipped with technological instrumentation including a Leica TP1020 Automated Tissue Processor, a Leica XL Autostainer, a Fisher HistoCenter embedding station and Microm microtomes and cryostat.

Services Available

  • Tissue fixation, processing, embedding, and sectioning of paraffin- embedded and frozen specimens
  • Plastic embedding and sectioning
  • Routine histological stains (e.g., H&E, trichrome, and others);
  • Special stains (e.g., Sirius Red, PAS, reticular fiber stain, Voerhoff’s elastic stain, von Kossa, Orcein, van Gieson, and many others)
  • Immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, histochemistry, etc.
  • Customized characterization of antibodies for immunohistochemistry
  • Special procedures (e.g., mammary gland whole mounts, en face preparations of arteries, etc.)
  • Custom tissue microarrays
  • Performs all histology related services for human specimens obtained through the BioBank at MHIR

Service Requests

Obtain the appropriate Histology request form below.  For requests outside the MaineHealth Institute for Research, please contact the Manager to arrange services.  For in-house requests at the institute, refer to the Tissue Submission Protocols and submit the internal request form and specimens as directed.

Internal Requests

External Requests

Email completed form(s) to

Questions? Contact Us

Director: Volkhard Lindner, MD, PhD

Manager: Grazina Armie Mangoba, HTL (ASCP)