The purpose of the Southern Maine Regional Confocal Microscopy Facility (SMRCMF) is to provide interested biomedical researchers in Southern Maine with access to modern methods of confocal microscopy, which allows the identification of the spatial localization of specific biological macromolecules in all types of animal and plant cells.

Services Available

  • multicolor confocal colocalization
  • FRET
  • live cell confocal microscopy

Confocal_SP8Leica SP8

The system is based on an inverted microscope and equipped with Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter, which delivers bright, noise-free images with minimal photodamage. The system includes a 405 nm laser and a Ludin chamber for live cell observation and a dedicated computer with IMARIS program for deconvolution and 3D reconstruction.


Leica SP1

The system includes an upright microscope and is upgraded with an addition of a unique 442 nm laser, which optimizes FRET experiments using CFP.

The establishment of SMRCMF was made possible with a grant from the Maine Science and Technology Foundation which was matched by Maine Medical Center. Other grant participants included the University of Southern Maine and IDEXX Laboratories. This grant was used to purchase a Leica SP1 confocal microscope.

The fee consists of a flat charge/specimen to be scanned, and an hourly analysis fee, which will be estimated during the experiment planning stage.

Service In-House Outside Corporate & Other
Non-assisted time $20.00/hour USD $50.00/hour USD $50.00/hour USD
Assisted time $60.00/hour USD $100.00/hour USD $100.00/hour USD
Training time $200.00/hour USD $200.00/hour USD $200.00/hour USD

Contact Us

Director: Igor Prudovsky, PhD

Manager: Doreen Kacer

How to Schedule Time

Sign up sheets are available and must be filled out with detailed information including signature and account number of PI lab requesting service.

Users outside of MHIR should contact Doreen Kacer at for scheduling and inquiries.