The Research Grants and Contracts services team promote the research enterprise at MaineHealth by assisting investigators with preparation and submission of grant applications, developing and reviewing research contracts and sub-award agreements, and managing research grants once they are awarded.

The department provides advice on federal research policies, identifies and distributes funding opportunities, provides guidance on legal aspects of research agreements, develops institutional policies and provides writing, editing, budgeting and grantsmanship assistance for grant proposals.

All research grant applications, sub-awards and contracts must be reviewed, finalized and submitted through MaineHealth Institute for Research’s Grants Office and Contracts team.

To contact Grants staff, email (or email any staff member listed below)

Fact Sheet for Grants

MH Federal Indirect Rate Agreement

  • Identify funding opportunities, review and interpret sponsor guidelines, assist with budget development and overall planning of the application, ensuring adherence to MaineHealth policies;
  • Provide editing services, updated templates for grant sections and guidance on grantsmanship
  • Act as liaison with collaborating institutions on multi-institutional applications
  • Review, approve, and submit research applications on behalf of MaineHealth
  • Develop and negotiate sub-awards on grants with collaborating institutions
  • Serve as liaison with Funding Agency, including reporting requirements, prior approval requests and no cost extensions in the post-award phase
Carolyn Elliott-Farino
Director, Research Grants Services
(207) 396-8188
Michele Locker
Senior Grants Administrator
(207) 396-8144
Tony Molina
Senior Grants Administrator
(207) 396-8265
Gwen Swan
Senior Grants Administrator
(207) 396-8155
Valerie Trafton
Grants Administrator
Lisa Zeytoonian
Contracts Manager
(207) 396-8078
  • Review, coordinate and process all research-related contracts, including Confidentiality Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements, Registry Agreements, Data Use/Data Transfer Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Research Services Agreements, Research Physician Services Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), and corresponding Agreement Amendments.
  • Work closely with the Clinical Trials Office and Research Accounting to maintain consistency in contract language in relation to payment and finance terms and conditions.
  • Provide general legal recommendations with regard to research services, studies, projects and policy.  Consult with Maine Health Legal Affairs, as necessary, to facilitate institutional consistency with regard to legal policy and procedure.
To contact Contracts staff, email 
Colleen O’Neill
Research & Innovation Counsel
(207) 396-8058
Lisa Zeytoonian
Contracts Manager
(207) 396-8078
Brian Lynn
Research & Innovation Counsel
(207) 396-7623

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