We provide teaching resources for understanding scientific problems as well as opportunities for practical laboratory experiences. Internships allow students to explore the practical aspects of biomedical research by participating in ongoing projects and observing or learning techniques.

In addition, internships an provide introduction to a network of research professionals to assist in the career development of the student. Internships are arranged between the school, student, and MaineHealth Institute for Research, and are crafted to meet the career exploration and scientific goals of the student.

Students who are interested in an internship at MHIR during the summer must apply through the Summer Student Research Program.

Students interested in an internship during the academic year should start by reaching out to scientists at MHIR to identify if there is a suitable research mentor to host the internship. To find list of researchers go to our Research Centers page where scientists are listed in the Center’s investigators and staff section. Students can look at the faculty webpages and reach out directly to the researchers whose work is of interest. If a researcher agrees to host a student for an internship, MHIR Staff Services or the appropriate Clinical Department contact will facilitate your onboarding as a research intern.

View the video below for an indepth look at one student’s internship experience at MHIR.

Summer Student Research Program (SSRP)

The Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) offers college students a unique opportunity to conduct educational research in diverse biomedical science fields.

During the ten-week summer internship period, students participate in mentored research projects either in our basic science laboratories or working with physicians at Maine Medical Center to impact patient care or treatment outcomes.  Students also attend a comprehensive series of lectures and workshops relating to basic science and clinical research, scientific presentation skills, and ongoing research topics of our scientists.