Performing cutting edge biomedical research
to discover the molecular mechanisms of human disease

The Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) was established in 1997 as a Center within Maine Medical Center Research Institute with the vision of performing cutting edge biomedical research to discover the molecular mechanisms of human disease, and to harness new knowledge in developmental biology and stem cells for regenerative medicine approaches. In June 2022, Maine Medical Center Research Institute changed its name to MaineHealth Institute for Research (MHIR) to accurately reflect the organization’s role in conducting a range of health care research throughout the MaineHealth system. The investigators at CMM are committed to translating basic science discoveries to innovative approaches to diagnose and treat human disease. Key to the success of research at CMM is the highly collaborative nature of its investigators, which promotes multidisciplinary research by engaging MMC physicians and other investigators in the region.

CMM is committed to the broader MaineHealth mission of improving the health of the community through excellence in clinical care, education and research. CMM investigators contribute to the broader scientific community by making ground breaking scientific discoveries, service on national scientific organizations and peer review committees, and the education of undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, residents and research fellows. In addition, CMM investigators contribute to community outreach programs to foster education and collaboration with the local community.